Exclusive Jaime Jarrin Limited Edition Taking Signed Bobblehead PSA authenticated

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Jaime Jarrin Talking Limited Edition FOCO signed bobblehead will go on Sale Monday March 8th at 10:00am
Bobbleheads series is Numbered and limited to /360
All bobbleheads are signed, inscribed and PSA authenticated
  • HOF 98 inscription $150
  • Voz en Español de L.A Dodgers & HOF 98 inscriptions $160
  • Spanish Voice of the L.A Dodgers & HOF 98 inscriptions $160
  • Despídala Con Un beso & HOF 98 inscriptions $160
This are Stock Photos.
Instructions for use:
Open paper door , remove battery box and remove battery isolation tab.
Re-Install battery cover.
Push Button on Back of bobble to turn on and off sound.